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Improve governance & compliance and drastically reduce the time workers spend looking for information

The term “content sprawl” has become ubiquitous and record-heavy regulated organizations (think banking and financial services, legal, insurance, real estate) face a sizable challenge attempting to rein it in. 

Aimed at IT and information management professionals using Microsoft 365, this guide outlines how to automate and gain control of your content in the cloud. 

You'll learn:

  • How partial or full automation makes completing tasks easier for end users, which increases user buy-in and adoption of technology
  • How proper capturing and filing improves governance and compliance, drastically reduces the amount of time workers spend looking for information, and saves you money
  • How to turn your investment in Microsoft 365 into a capable document management system

The average knowledge worker spends 1.8 hours a day or nearly 20 percent of their work week, searching for documents."

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