Improve information governance & stop leaving money on the table

Did you know that 23% of Microsoft E5 licenses are inactive and 27% are unassigned at financial institutions*? This means you’re leaving money on the table and not realizing the ROI you should be from your investment in Microsoft 365. It also indicates you’re likely not managing your content effectively or compliantly.

Join us for an informative, 30-minute webinar to learn: 

  • The true costs of “shelfware,” or unused software licenses, for financial institutions – including significantly lower return on Microsoft 365 investments
  • How low user adoption leaves your institution at risk for financial penalties for non-compliance
  • Why proper information governance and content management is critical for your organization
  • Key considerations for storing and managing content in the cloud
  • Practical steps you can take right away to improve your return on investment, lower your risk, and efficiently capture and manage your content
  • The highlights of Colligo's financial services compliance software

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