The amount of data entering your organization and the amount of content with ‘business value’ has never been greater. But information overload and content sprawl have also reached new heights, especially during the rush to embrace Microsoft 365.

We’ll help you bring order to chaos. 

Learn how to fortify your governance and compliance program by unlocking the full power of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online. You’ll also learn:

  • Why it’s critical to let your users stay within the apps they’re familiar with and make filing content to SharePoint Online – compliantly – as seamless as possible
  • How to properly tag and classify content as it comes into your organization (and why this should be done from Day 1)
  • How to use labels and tagging (metadata) to improve your search experience and allow you to surface documents quickly and accurately
  • Concrete tips for saving measurable time and money, and improving organizational compliance
  • How to extract more value from your investment in Microsoft 365

We’ll also take you through a quick demo of Colligo Enterprise Suite, cost-effective add-ins for SharePoint that enable the easy capture, tagging and filing of content from within Office apps.

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