Great news: Email ‘auto-file’ is here! 

Ever wished there was a way to ‘automatically’ file email to SharePoint so you wouldn’t have to think about it? Interested in a ‘set it and forget’ it filing system that lets you rest easy knowing your email is archived and stored compliantly? 

View our webinar to see what makes email 'auto-file,'  a one-of-a-kind tool, special. In this informative 30 minutes, you’ll learn how automatic email filing: 

  • Enables you to automatically copy or move large quantities of emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint with metadata and labels  
  • Can be a set up on a recurring schedule that works for your business users – daily, weekly or monthly 
    Is ideal for common use cases such as: preserving terminated employees’ or contractors’ emails, moving shared mailbox content or implementing a new deletion policy on emails in Outlook 
  • Enables you to easily stay compliant with industry, governing or regulatory policies  
  • Saves time and drives efficiency, saving staff hundreds of hours per year filing emails to SharePoint and allowing your team to quickly and easily find emails in SharePoint Online 

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