Transform your data management strategy to harness value from AI

Metadata – often misunderstood and underutilized – holds the key to a more efficient, compliant and AI-ready business.

Discover how to turn metadata into your secret weapon for success in this free 30-minute webinar and learn: 

  • What metadata is (and isn’t!)  
  • The true power metadata in the age of artificial intelligence and why an effective data strategy is essential to leverage AI 
  • The benefits metadata brings to your organization, including better data quality, faster information search and retrieval, and improved productivity and compliance 
  • Practical guidelines for seamlessly integrating metadata into your SharePoint Online workflow 

We’ll also show you a quick demo of how Colligo can auto-apply metadata to emails, attachments and documents upon ingestion into SharePoint to save time, reduce errors and increase compliance.

Access the Webinar Recording

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