Get your company data AI-ready so you can harness power while mitigating risks

Strong and secure data management is critical to the success of AI in your company. But less than 10% of companies have mature data and AI capabilities, according to a recent report. 

In this 30-minute webinar you'll learn: 

  • What to do to ensure your data can be used by AI applications, like Microsoft CoPilot, in the future, 
  • How to ensure you can use AI to your advantage to derive business insights and value with proper data labelling, classification, searchability and access 
  • How to both protect your data from being used in harmful ways by AI and ML, and how to prevent unauthorized access of sensitive data 
  • How Colligo’s built-in Intelligence can propel you forward in your AI-readiness journey and make filing emails to SharePoint easier and quicker than ever 
  • The importance of getting the most from your reliable and secure content repository, (and why SharePoint is your best option) 

Access the Webinar Recording

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