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Make finding email content quick & easy

Organizations everywhere are struggling with a massive information overload problem. Content is running rampant and sprawling, and email records are being captured improperly, making searching for, discovering and realizing value from information very difficult. 

Aimed at IT and information management professionals using Microsoft 365, this guide outlines how to Supercharge Your Search Accuracy with Auto-applied Email Metadata. 

You'll learn:

  • The importance of easy, user-friendly, and automated tagging
  • What approach works best for optimal user adoption
  • Why it's critical to ensure email is ingested in your content services platform

Knowledge workers spend 40% of their time in Outlook or other email applications. Bridging email with the content services platform or system of record of the organization (i.e., SharePoint) is critical to ensure content ends up in the right place and is searchable across the organization."

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