Looking to eliminate the costs of your separate, complex legal Document Management System (DMS)? Want to derive more value from your existing investment in Microsoft 365? Tired of wasting time on administrative tasks that could be spent doing actual legal work? 

Quickly & easily leverage SharePoint Online as your DMS & make email and document management a breeze with Colligo

Join us for an informative, 30-minute webinar to learn how to: 

  • Increase time spent on legal work by reducing time spent working on non-productive and administrative tasks 
  • Drive maximum value out of your investment in Microsoft 365 by turning SharePoint into a legal DMS
  • Optimally organize and tag your legal content so you can find it again quickly 
  • Emulate successful legal customers that are: filing case matters into SharePoint Online from Outlook; sharing matters externally with outside counsel; efficiently classifying and accessing electronic client matter including Office documents, images, PDFs, emails, and attachments; and empowering lawyers to manage client-related content in SharePoint without leaving Outlook and Teams. 

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